Dettera is the vision of owner Frank Lutter. When the Dettera building went on the market in 2008, Lutter – a commercial contractor / developer - purchased the property. A lifelong wine and food lover, Lutter eventually decided to take the unique space and transform it into a high-end Restaurant & Wine Bar – the first wine bar in his hometown. Lutter engaged the services of friend and architect, Joe Lombardi of Paoli to help create this Center City dining experience in historic Ambler.

During the renovation phase of Dettera, Lutter's crew uncovered the original granite nameplate in the building’s exterior. This nameplate, which had been hidden for decades in the front facade, identified the building’s original owner – Mathias Dettera, a grain and seed wholesaler in the early 1900s. He purchased the property on February 20, 1907 and left it to his wife and children upon his death in 1918. The property remained in the Dettera family until 1978. This signature stone became the inspiration for the restaurant’s name and now rests elegantly within the mahogany paneling above the main bar.

Wine is the most civilized thing in the world -Hemingway

Ambler represents small town living at its finest. With a population of nearly 6,500, Ambler features a walkable downtown district, which is now home to a thriving restaurant and cultural scene. The area once served as a busy channel for the grain, lumber and wool industry. Today, Ambler is experiencing a vast revitalization with a number of renovations, including Dettera. The Ambler Theater, which originally opened in 1928, was also recently restored and renovated to its original vintage luster. The first major renovation was performed by Lutter's construction company.

Dettera is located centrally on Butler Avenue in Ambler across from the historic Ambler Theater. Nestled among independent stores, art-house movies, and live theater, Dettera is the first and only wine bar in Ambler, which is located 15 miles from Northwest Philadelphia in Montgomery County.